Rebecca Rodriguez was born in Illinois, and raised in central Florida. She received her BFA in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking from the University of North Florida in 2017. Her work as a painter and printmaker has been heavily influenced by interpreting personal and collective data through conceptual mapping. She has exhibited work at Loew’s Hotel Gallery (Atlanta, Georgia), Vandroff Gallery (Jacksonville, Fl), CoRK Arts District (Jacksonville, Fl), University of North Florida Thomas G. Carpenter Library (Jacksonville, Fl), the University of North Florida Gallery of Art (Jacksonville, Fl), and the Jax Makerspace (Jacksonville, Fl).


Listing, charting, and mapping have given me a way to speak. I portray connection and dislocation of physical and mental states in my work through instinctive mark-making and layered environments, oftentimes using area maps and construction sites as reference material.


For collaborations, commissions, pricing and document requests, please email: [email protected]

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