Rebecca Rodriguez was born in Illinois, and raised on the east coast of Florida. She received a BFA in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking from the University of North Florida in 2017. Her work as a painter and printmaker has been heavily influenced by interpreting personal and collective data through conceptual mapping. She has exhibited work at Loew’s Hotel Gallery (Atlanta, Georgia), Vandroff Gallery (Jacksonville, Fl), CoRK Arts District (Jacksonville, Fl), University of North Florida (Jacksonville, Fl), and the Jax Makerspace (Jacksonville, Fl).

Currently, she is practicing in Atlanta, Georgia.


My work is centered in honestly recalling what we remember and experience while recognizing inevitable inaccuracy. I collect data from medical, environmental, and sociological studies in addition to personal data of my friends, family, and self. By merging and layering the two sets of information, I create new, oftentimes unrecognizable data using area maps, construction sites, bodies, and elements of dreams/memories as reference material. Wax, mylar, wheatpaste, and found objects can be seen throughout my work, encouraging both myself and the viewer to slow down and process evolution at their own pace. Working with transparency and layered environments results in obscured landscapes, representing the struggle in preserving deteriorating memories while meditating on and questioning the beauty of impermanence.

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