Proof of Movement: A Study of Place and Being

Dec. 2017 - Jan. 2018, Jacksonville, Fl

Proof of Movement is a multi-venue exhibit speaking of land, bodies, human connections, and the loss of each one. Through painting, printmaking, performance, and installation, five artists recognize and honor what has been lost to create a space for healing and cultural expression.

This collection of work explores themes of Afrofuturism, memory mapping, youth, and cultural identity while meditating on the complexities of future and past homes.

The exhibition takes its name, Proof of Movement, from a piece created by Natalie Sassine and Rebecca Rodriguez. This large woodcut print records four sections of specific markings: places lived, communication route, rebuilding home, and proof of movement. These sections act as a key for understanding movement during storms, an analysis which links to other collective experiences seen throughout the exhibit.

Proof of Movement is a project of the artist group, Collective Lands: Camille Modesto, Redeem Pettaway, Walter Pierre, Rebecca Rodriguez, and Natalie Sassine

This project encouraged movement to two venues:

  • Jax Makerspace Gallery
  • U-Haul Pop Up Gallery on North Laura and Monroe St. at the December 2017 Downtown Artwalk

We passed out five disposable cameras for viewers to document their experiences of walking to each venue. Find moments deemed important by viewers and gallery team below.

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