Unexpected Place: An inflatable anomaly 

April 27, 2018, Hemming Park, Jacksonville, Fl

This inflatable structure appears in a space, unexpectedly, and provides an engaging program for common individuals to interact with. The goal with this anomaly is to bring awareness to the possibility of a specific place, especially for the daily inhabitants of that place.

In the most raw sense, Unexpected Place challenges the organization and habit of our society. It exclaims that "a loading dock is also a theatre, a highway is also an art gallery, and, that the purpose of our places can change - should we choose to change them".

Unexpected Place was designed and organized by Zachary Mease. Collaborating artists and gallery team include: Rebecca Rodriguez, Natalie Sassine, Redeem Pettaway, Camille Modesto, and John Stowe.

Photos shown are day-of-show and process photos taken by gallery team and Drew Brown. For more info on project, please visit Zachary Mease's website.

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